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Posted in Children's by The Department of Illustration on May 1, 2009

2251642792_9c839bdebbThanks to Eva for an inspiring talk about typography for children yesterday. One of the most interesting examples was this japanese modular typography toy

Kokuyo, a famous Japanese stationary chain, and Dainippon Type Organisation assembled a team that investigates an intellectual training toy and an educational game for Infantile education. The researchs and developments focus on toys or games that brings up “power to think”. The result is Toypography.
Toypography is a toy of typography – fragments of letters, that can be put together to either Latin or Japanese letters.
The mysterious thing about Toypography is, that Japanese expressions can be transformed into English expressions of the same meaning.

from Kidsmodern
available from


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  1. The Department of Illustration said, on May 1, 2009 at 3:13 am

    the other thing that is fascinating about kanji (the japanese writing system) is how pictographic it is…being able to see a bear or a bird inside the word itself must aid ‘visual thinkers’ retain the written code.

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