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Posted in Submissions/Competitions by The Department of Illustration on June 19, 2009

Yutaka Tajima is the clothing label of UK design studio, Sanderson Bob. Since 2004, a selection of T-shirts have been available from their online store, featuring designs based on their geometric Y logo. They’re now seeking submissions for new interpretations…

With each of the Y logo T-shirts produced, the Y is interpreted in a different way. To date, six shirts have been produced (that you can see here) and there are several ideas for new designs on the website. (T-shirts retail at £25).

“The dream would be to publish a book illustrating all the designs we receive, create an exhibition,” says Sanderson Bob. “In turn this will act as a tool to attract stores from around the globe to stock the label. The shirts that are picked by the stores would then be printed.”

Designers interested in taking part can contact the label on They will then be sent a template and guidelines for creating their Y logo design.

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