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Animals take over Berlin!

Posted in Children's, Collaborations, Documentary, Doodles, Events, International, Site Specific by The Department of Illustration on August 2, 2009

Stedhead, Cat and Lou  are planning to take a stack of images of animals over to Berlin at the end of the month to create some street art. Collaborators are invited.

“We would like contributions of artwork for a project based in Berlin, the theme of this project is based around Animals, and we would love you to take part in this project. We would love it if you could draw/paint/collage, or however you want, and create an animal themed piece of art, as small or large as you want. The piece can be a simple 10 second drawing, or as detailed as you like, it is totally up to you.

We will be travelling to Berlin on the 31st on August (for 8 days), and the art pieces will be placed around different locations, photographed, interacting with the public, and turning parts of Berlin in to a ‘creative zoo’. We need as many people to take part in this project, and as many different styles as possible to make this work.”

I have got J+R on the case making stickers of insects…anyone interested sign up on the ATOB facebook group


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