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Maker Faire Cardiff

Posted in Digital Culture, Events, Handmade by The Department of Illustration on October 15, 2009

Maker Faire

/ 23 – 24 Oct 2009 / 11 am – 4 pm / Stiwdio, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

Micro Maker Faire Wales is produced in cooperation with Maker Faire.

Along the lines of Makers and Hackers, Folksy, Craft Mafia, Howduino, Oomlout and other get-together events for technical doers, the festival is preparing Wales’ first Maker Faire – an event for DIY enthusiasts with a taste for the technical. Individuals and collectives will come together to demonstrate their homebrew technical concoctions that will be showcased through this dynamic event that’s part village fete and part hands-on workshops. Be prepared to be surprised and engaged and to go home informed and inspired.

A family-friendly event where you can make with makers who will share how they do what they do over a two-day period.

There will be gizmos and gadgetry for sale and you may need to pay a small contribution towards parts if you would like to ‘make-it-yourself’ during the Faire.


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