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Lost Skills Project

Posted in Collaborations, Handmade, Historical, Local/Global, People, photography, Site Specific, True Stories by The Department of Illustration on August 8, 2010

This is gathering pace and getting to be a really fun and rewarding project. The council have given us the FREE use of a stall in the market to demonstrate and encourage an exchange of skills to be passed on in short workshops.  So far we have had zine making, pinhole camera, and crochet flowers…and rag rugs, fly fishing lures and traditional signwriting are in the pipeline.

Bex has also set up her fantastic ‘Community Quilt’ project within the stall, asking for participants to embroider their memories of Wrexham into a collaborative quilt, which we will show at Wrexham History Festival next February.

If you would like to get involved, the fb page is here and the blog is here

Look out for the September issue of a-n as there is a little article about the project by Emily Speed.

I will be talking about the project and learning how to extend and improve it at a conference on ‘Sustainability in Design Now!’ in Bangalore at the end of September.

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