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Animation the future of Illustration?

Posted in Animated, Ideas, Writing, Theory, Professional by The Department of Illustration on August 16, 2010

the turn to motion images discussed at Drawn

‘is animation the future of illustration’ Micahel Dooley at imprint collected comments  from the recent ICON6 illustrated conference such as this:-

Keith Robinson July 29, 2010 at 7:26 am

I’ve been working as an illustrator and animator for 18 years. The two disciplines have evolved together and informed each other, but like mastering any craft, it takes time and experience. I’m still a long way from being a master of either, but I do know animation requires learning a lot more than a new piece of software. It requires a different kind of mindset and sensitivity, as well as certain craft techniques, to impart the illusion of movement and life to a static image. My worry is, that because animation software is readily available, illustrators are expected to read a manual and suddenly become animators. Knowing how to use Flash no more makes you an animator, than knowing how to use Word makes you a novelist. Animation software just moves stuff around the screen. That’s not the same as animating it. The web is already awash with badly animated illustration, which demeans both art forms. The question that commissioners should ask, is not CAN we animate this, but SHOULD we animate this. The strength of illustration is it’s ability to convey meaning, or multiple meanings in a single powerful image. If a certain message can be conveyed more successfully with a moving image, fine – but please don’t assume the illustrator will be the best person to animate their artwork.


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