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D+AD illustration brief 2011

Posted in Uncategorized by The Department of Illustration on February 11, 2011

Create an illustrated interpretation of a musical track that is experienced by the viewer in an unconventional and pioneering way

Creative Challenge:
Over the past decade the world of music has undergone a revolution. Just as the ways people consume and experience music have been turned upside down, so the role of illustration in the world of music has changed too.
From the decline of the 12” album cover as a ‘creative canvas’, to the rise of downloadable tracks with artwork reduced to the size of a screen based icon. This situation has pushed people creatively to explore new opportunities that include street art, online video, experimental performances and interactive applications.
Your challenge is to choose a band or artist and create an illustrated response inspired by two of their tracks. In doing so, you’ll be facing this issue head on and demonstrating your vision of a brave new world for illustration in music.
Target Audience:
The target audience intended for the illustration will be the fan base of the musician/band/artist you select as part of answering the brief.


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