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laser cutter/illustrator file instructions

Posted in Uncategorized by The Department of Illustration on April 8, 2011

from Aiden via Tom

Make sure the thing you want to trace is pure black and white and save it (JPEG is fine).

Open an Illustrator document big enough to hold it and place it in.

Draw a bright solid square on a layer underneath the image and lock this layer.

Select the image and go to Object > Live Trace > Make and Expand. This should turn it all into paths.

Ungroup the objects.

Click on all the white bits and delete them until the bright colour underneath shows through them all (might be quicker to lock/hide the black while you do this so you can select a load at once).

When all the white has been deleted and the colour is visible in all the gaps you can bin the layer with the colour on.

Select everything (i.e. the black bits) and group them.

Change the colour mode to RGB (in the File menu on Illustrator) and make all the lines pure red.

Delete the black fill colour.

Change the line width to 0.25pt (not strictly necessary as this will be changed to hairline width on Corel before setting the laser loose on it).

Save as an Illustrator file and copy to your memory stick.


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