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The Floating World of Salford

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“Chris Bianchi and Bill Bragg of Le Gun Worked with Graphic Design Students from Salford University.
This is what happend

Really nice set on flickr…and a great collaborative student project

Open Ideo

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Lost Skills Project

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This is gathering pace and getting to be a really fun and rewarding project. The council have given us the FREE use of a stall in the market to demonstrate and encourage an exchange of skills to be passed on in short workshops.  So far we have had zine making, pinhole camera, and crochet flowers…and rag rugs, fly fishing lures and traditional signwriting are in the pipeline.

Bex has also set up her fantastic ‘Community Quilt’ project within the stall, asking for participants to embroider their memories of Wrexham into a collaborative quilt, which we will show at Wrexham History Festival next February.

If you would like to get involved, the fb page is here and the blog is here

Look out for the September issue of a-n as there is a little article about the project by Emily Speed.

I will be talking about the project and learning how to extend and improve it at a conference on ‘Sustainability in Design Now!’ in Bangalore at the end of September.

The Ministry of Frogs

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This is a new zine I am setting up to do with folk art and how it inspires contemporary practice. If you would like to submit work please check out the info on the fb page

I am already overwhelmed by the talent going into issue one…thank you everyone who has expressed an interest and/or sent in work already.

Please email submissions to by July 15th thank you x

Neighborhood Flags

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GOOd magazine commissioned artists to create a flag for their local community. link

craft club

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Craft Club is the new campaign that pioneers craft in schools.

Get your school crafting! All young people deserve access to a full range of fun and rewarding craft projects as part of their cultural learning. We can help by uniting skilled and enthusiastic volunteers with schools through after-hours clubs. The generous support of our volunteers ensures Craft Club is available free-of-charge to state-funded schools and academies in England.

felt mistress in CR!

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Recently Team Kronos City decided to compare their characters. Everyone sees a character differently so here are our versions. Here at Kronos City, we’d also like to see your ideas of Karl, which will be published here on the 20th of November, just before the Thought Bubble Convention where they will also be on display. Here’s a description of Karl:


Karl is a vampire, but one of the Donor Movement ones so he doesn’t hunt. He’s actually kind of anorexic, and doesn’t really eat at all. He’s about as threatening as a kitten wearing a top hat. He’s tall and very, very skinny. He wears very tight black t-shirts and jeans, so tight that you can practically see the bones through them. He has a cute button nose and tiny fangs. Vampire eyes are bigger than human eyes, and very expressive, but they are totally black, no whites or irises, and the pupil is a white dot. He has very pale white skin and pronounced cheekbones, and black spiky hair that looks like he spends far too much free time on it in the mornings and far too much money on hair product on it. He moves very gracefully, almost effeminately. He has pointy little ears.
Please send all your pictures to, along with your name and any internet contact details you’d like us to link to. Hope to see the interpretations!


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Arnolfini in Bristol hosting this  link


“Craftivism is an Arnolfini / Relational contemporary art project that responds to the resurgent interest in craft as it relates to socially-engaged art practice. It involves fourteen projects developed by artists and collectives that work with craft-based traditions and activist practices, and who employ the tactics of ‘craftivism’ (combining crafting + activism) to question and disrupt the prevailing codes of mass consumerism.” there is also a wiki where you can create your own event.

secret cavern

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I am really liking the interface at cargo collective, with visual boxes for links as well as lists at the side.